Home Blog Schedules and Updates: Your Year of Fulfilment

January has been a challenging month to accomplish the many things on my assignment plate. As the appointed Chairperson for the review of the Assemblies of God constitution, I have attended many meetings with both pastors and lawyers, worked into the morning in preparation for the final revised draft to be ready in February. I am also personally mentoring and helping different churches, boards members, pastors and leaders – requiring many hours of meetings throughout the week. Weekends are filled with preaching at different churches or visiting those I am mentoring to encourage them and provide feedback for their growth and development.

The short respite was for Chinese New Year when most of Singapore goes on the quiet, with most activities taking place around the dining table or over the chinese delicacies. With my limited schedule, I was able to accept a few invitations for Chinese new year lunches and dinners and have one of my favourite “prosperity” dishes.

I pray that this year  will be filled with God’s Blessings and Prosperity for you and your loves ones!

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