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As I pondered on the monumental impact of the change in our nation’s government as a result of the recent election, I could not help but wonder about the legacy of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and his first Cabinet. In historical terms, we are a young nation – yet we have made cutting edge strides in the area of nation building particularly in the areas of governmental leadership and economic progress.

MM Lee made a remark that the younger generation has forgotten what was forged through the proverbial sacrificial sweat and toil of the early founding fathers and immigrants. 

Friends, for those of us who know our GOD, we can rejoice that HE does not forget what we build. As I travel around the world ministering and mentoring leaders, I am assured that my legacy does not live in empty cathedrals and buildings but in the very “living stones” – lives – that I touch every day. In this day of change, we must all rise up to the challenge to do our part to build this nation….greater things are still to come.

May this song below by Chris Tomlin inspire you to do your part as I am doing mine.



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