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I was just with Pastor Peter Loo and his wife Saw Lan at Evangelical Emmanuel Church (EEC) in London.  Peter became the Senior Pastor of this church about one year ago. God has blessed him and there are already visible signs of change and greater growth.  I spent time with the staff, Council members, all the cell members, and then the whole church.  It was a time of real breakthrough.  Old mindsets were broken as we saw the whole church in the altars praying, crying and consecrating themselves to renewal in God and commitment to the Vision of the church.  We will definitely hear more explosive things from this church!

While there, I was about to meet with Julie and Rod Anderson concerning God’s agenda for London and all of the UK, when God gave me a very clear Word for her.  I believe A new partnership and thrust in the Spirit will be undertaken by Pastor Peter and Julie in the coming days — that ECC will become the ‘womb’ for God’s new awakening, and Julie will rise up and multiply intercessors for the churches and the Nation.

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