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In one of my sermon cds,  Paralyzed or Powerful, I said that the baptism of the Holy Spirit would make a BIG difference in the life of the believer in some key areas:

1. Power in Prayer 2. Power to Witness 3. Power in Faith 4. Power over demonic forces

My challenge to you is : Are you walking in the victory and power of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 1:8?

In the month of April, my training and mentoring time spent at two key events was about helping believers and the church to  identify areas that paralyzed them from being more effective, powerful believers in Christ.


In the first week of April, I was invited to minister at Apostolic Generational Church in Jakarta. This is a church that has made a great impact on their city and nation. The church, led by Apostle Indri Gautama, has a successful track record in spearheading humanitarian and charity works. Much of their time is spent in training  and equipping their members to be successful and effective members in the marketplace and society. I spoke at the weekend services on the topic of “spiritual authority”. I also spoke at their one day Cell Church Conference for their leaders and partners.

With Apostle Indri Gautama and performers at the Charity Concert, hosted by AGC

In the second week, I flew to the city of Bogor, Indonesia to preach at GSJA Betlehem, hosted by Pastor Arif. On Saturday, I met with about 30 leaders and pastors to train and equip them on the subject of church growth.  On Sunday, I had 3 services where I preached on “Empowered by Unity.”

Other key events that month in Singapore was a one day equipping session with the Methodist Women’s leadership TRAC, as well as  a one day training session with the staff of the Faith Assemblies of God church.

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