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In my book “Moving On and Moving Up’, I wrote about New Assignments. Choosing to stay in your comfort zone may mean that you never go to the next level in God. He will always be calling you onward and upward. God has also given you the gift of free will, the ability to decide whether you will follow Him or not. Let me encourage you today to be willing to break out of your comfort zone in order to fulfil His great purposes for your life.

This month, one of my new assignments required me to use technology to preach!  CiscoWebex is a web conferencing technology that allows for file sharing via audio/video presentations.  I had been using it for some time for individual or group meetings, but this would be the first time we used this technology to preach to an audience in Colombia…but from Singapore. There were some slight technical issues with sound delay, but overall, the Colombian audience could see me preach and pray for them.  Technology is a great tool to help you fulfil your divine assignments….

But sometimes technology needs to be tweaked!

Another very exciting new assignment was an invitation from the Malaysian Assemblies of God to help them in the rewriting of their constitution. This will require me to travel to different parts of Malaysia next year to meet and consult with pastors from the different AG churches. I am looking forward to that.

In Singapore, there were preaching assignments at Faith A/G, Grace A/G and Trinity Christian Centre. I also did consultation work with some pastors from various churches.

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