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Where do leaders come from and where do we get them? Leadership development does not happen by accident! it requires a structure and an intentional process in your organisation to make it happen. Both churches and businesses functioning in today’s world must deal with increasingly complex issues. These are challenging times ahead…for us to see the fulfilment of God’s purposes today, the leaders of today must be persons of prayer who are able to hear God’s voice and discern His strategies and designs. Are you such a leader?

In the month of June, I was privileged to be part of the wonderful panel of speakers at Trinity Christian Centre’s Life Conference. This was a 3 day event packed with workshops, forums and night sessions to empower the church to another level of growth and effectiveness.  In my workshop on “Change with Change – Seasons for Women”, I taught on the critical importance of women understanding their fundamental identity in Christ.  Our mindsets concerning our destiny and purpose in life is constantly being challenged and shaped by the events and people around us. How we engage those challenges must be powered by what the bible says about our place  in families, church and society.

The month of June was still busy but I had sufficient time to spend some personal mentoring time with some leaders who were visiting from the States, as well as with some local business people and leaders from the local church here. All in, it was a great break to not engage in all the travelling I usually do.

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