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In my book Strength to Stand, I mentioned that the first responsibility of five-fold ministers is to serve

– to serve God by serving the Church

– to serve one another and God’s people

Serving in such a way that their strengths combine to edify and build up the Church. This working together is essential for His church to stand strong in the days in which we live and to make the impact God intends in today’s world.

March was such a season for me.

Global Covenant Network Partners meeting

I met for one full day with 20 leaders and guests. The pastors and leaders came from Singapore, Malaysia, United States, United Kingdom, Colombia and Korea. The topics ranged widely from sharing on God’s purposes in their individual and corporate ministries to the purpose and authority of the 5-fold ministry in helping the Church to be effective. There was a wonderful time of prophetic presbytery with the release of words that will encourage each to keep pressing in.

The other key event that I spoke in was at Trinity Christian Centre, Singapore’s Pastors Conference from March 1-3. This exciting conference had the church hosting 483 leaders and pastors from 27 nations. The 3 days was packed with plenary sessions, workshops, forums, special meetings. The equipping and training was hosted by Trinity’s own pastors and guest speakers. The participants were wonderfully empowered throughout the day sessions and encouraged by the “now” word from the night meetings.

Personally, I was delighted to  be a speaker at one of the workshops as well as the forum session for Senior Pastors. The key topics I spoke on were: Moving members from Potential to Fulfilment, Positioning for Fulfilment and the Responsibilities of a Senior Pastor.

Speaking to the participants at the forum.

The rest of the month was busy meeting with meetings. I also ministered at Faith AG church in Singapore and His Sanctuary of Glory Church in Malaysia.

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