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I am in Dallas, USA this week as a panel speaker and participant at the annual gathering of the International Coalition of Apostles. The meetings are an opportunity for me to catch up with different apostolic leaders from around the world. There was also a special time of celebration as we witnessed the handover of the ICA leadership from Apostle Peter Wagner to Apostle John Kelly.
At one of the sessions, I presented a topic on the topic of Succession, whether in ministry or the marketplace.  it is one of the most critical aspects of Legacy Management, and yet, sadly one of the least understood and taught on. In presenting the paper, I essentially spoke on a framework of 5 things: What Succession is; What Succession is Not: Mistakes we make about Succession: Steps to Successful Succession; and Moving Into Significance.  I encourage you to get my latest book which covers some of these areas in greater detail.

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