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Adapting some thoughts from my book, Moving on and Moving Up :From Succession to Significance, I want to encourage you to reflect back on this year and think about how you want to shape who you want to become this new year. .

To break through into your new year, it is important to identify and define the new you – allow God to stretch your imagination and self-definition :

1. What are your aspirations for the coming new year

2. What are your spiritual gifts? What have you always enjoyed doing?

3. What is God saying to you and how is He leading you?

4. How would you describe your life’s mission and purpose?

5. How experiences has God taken you through this year that can now be learnt from and used in the coming year?

6. What natural and spiritual gifts and talents needs to be “upgraded” in this coming year for you to use them more effectively?

Lastly, GIVE THANKS for everything you went through this year and for all God is going to do in and through your life this coming year!

Blessed Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

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