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April will be another busy month, filled with many teaching, preaching and mentoring appointments. In my dialogue times with leaders across the church and in the marketplace, I have continously observed that one of the keys to effective leaders is that they build a great team around them. In my book on Moving On and Moving Up: From Succession to Significance, I mentioned that “Leaders are those who hear from God and, as a result, set new parameters, push back frontiers, and pioneer new models of ministry.”
One of the teachings that I have been thinking lately of developing is about David and his mighty men. What qualities of their character, other then their exploits, made these men so noteworthy of mention in Scriptures? In modern terminology we would say what makes leaders of an organisation, corporation, city, nation move from the level of being just effective to being noteworthy? Read my book, and some of the answers may well surprise you!

The Flow Team trainers in the front from the meetings in February.

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