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Paralyzed or Powerful


In one of my sermon cds,  Paralyzed or Powerful, I said that the baptism of the Holy Spirit would make a BIG difference in the life of the believer in some key areas: 1. Power in Prayer 2. Power to Witness 3. Power in Faith 4. Power over demonic forces My challenge to you is : Are you

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Leadership – God’s design for empowering the Church


In my book Strength to Stand, I mentioned that the first responsibility of five-fold ministers is to serve – to serve God by serving the Church – to serve one another and God’s people Serving in such a way that their strengths combine to edify and build up the Church. This working together is essential

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A Christmas message…


The month of December continued to be hectic, preaching at a church every weekend. It has been extremely rewarding to minister at different churches speaking a different message each time, and seeing God move to impact lives. On the first weekend, I ministered at my home church, Trinity Christian Centre on “Christmas through the eyes

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A Wonderful Work


From 19-20 November, I was in Jakarta Indonesia ministering at the Apostolic Generation Church. At the weekend Saturday night and Sunday morning services, I preached messages that challenged people to a deeper commitment in God, allowing time for them to weep at the altars as they responded to the move of God’s spirit.  This church

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Legacy – Greater things to come


As I pondered on the monumental impact of the change in our nation’s government as a result of the recent election, I could not help but wonder about the legacy of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and his first Cabinet. In historical terms, we are a young nation – yet we have made cutting edge strides

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David’s mighty men


April will be another busy month, filled with many teaching, preaching and mentoring appointments. In my dialogue times with leaders across the church and in the marketplace, I have continously observed that one of the keys to effective leaders is that they build a great team around them. In my book on Moving On and

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Awaken the Giants


In Chapter 1 of my book, Moving On and Moving Up in the Marketplace, I wrote these words to challenge my readers to embrace their divine assignment…” When you are able to define and articulate what your divine assignment for this season is, you will gain a SENSE OF PURPOSE AND CLARITY like never before.

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Flowing in your Destiny


PREPARE to POSITION! In my previous blog, I had mentioned about Positioning for 2011.  In the last week of February, I will be hosting a very important conference that I believe will empower and help us align in our positioning for success and promotion this year. I encourage you to go to the FLOW website

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I have a dream…do you?


In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr made a historic speech that would galvanise and shake up an entire nation, initiating a civil and moral movement of great change across all spheres of society. I have a dream too…that God will use me to inspire hope and belief that every person in this nation can be empowered to

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Celebrating 40 years — Awesome!


Last week, Trinity Christian Centre celebrated its 40th Anniversary, and the whole new complex at Paya Lebar was dedicated to the Lord. It was a huge occasion with many key five-fold ministers, who have graced our pulpit over the years, joining from overseas to witness the faithfulness of God.

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