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Casting Vision in the USA


October was a very full month of travel to minister, train, preach amidst many consultation dialogues with pastors, leaders and people in the marketplace. After attending the TCA College’s Singapore annual graduation excercise as Chancellor, i packed my bags early the following day to the States. Starting off was the annual Project Rescue Charity Golf

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Leadership Transition begins with Leadership Development


Where do leaders come from and where do we get them? Leadership development does not happen by accident! it requires a structure and an intentional process in your organisation to make it happen. Both churches and businesses functioning in today’s world must deal with increasingly complex issues. These are challenging times ahead…for us to see

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New Assignments – keeping pace through technology


In my book “Moving On and Moving Up’, I wrote about New Assignments. Choosing to stay in your comfort zone may mean that you never go to the next level in God. He will always be calling you onward and upward. God has also given you the gift of free will, the ability to decide

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Paralyzed or Powerful


In one of my sermon cds,  Paralyzed or Powerful, I said that the baptism of the Holy Spirit would make a BIG difference in the life of the believer in some key areas: 1. Power in Prayer 2. Power to Witness 3. Power in Faith 4. Power over demonic forces My challenge to you is : Are you

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Leadership – God’s design for empowering the Church


In my book Strength to Stand, I mentioned that the first responsibility of five-fold ministers is to serve – to serve God by serving the Church – to serve one another and God’s people Serving in such a way that their strengths combine to edify and build up the Church. This working together is essential

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Rescuing One Life at a Time


Project Rescue – 20th-24th February -I was in Pune, India at the invitation of Dr David and Beth Grant, who oversee Project Rescue, an organisation dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of prostitutes and their children.  I was there to provide leadership training to the Project Rescue Directors of each centre and their leadership team.

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Your Year of Fulfilment


January has been a challenging month to accomplish the many things on my assignment plate. As the appointed Chairperson for the review of the Assemblies of God constitution, I have attended many meetings with both pastors and lawyers, worked into the morning in preparation for the final revised draft to be ready in February. I

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A Christmas message…


The month of December continued to be hectic, preaching at a church every weekend. It has been extremely rewarding to minister at different churches speaking a different message each time, and seeing God move to impact lives. On the first weekend, I ministered at my home church, Trinity Christian Centre on “Christmas through the eyes

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A Wonderful Work


From 19-20 November, I was in Jakarta Indonesia ministering at the Apostolic Generation Church. At the weekend Saturday night and Sunday morning services, I preached messages that challenged people to a deeper commitment in God, allowing time for them to weep at the altars as they responded to the move of God’s spirit.  This church

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Impacting your Sphere


Hopping on to a trans-Atlantic flight, I flew to London to be with Pastor Peter Loo, Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Evangelical Church based in Marsham Street. They have started a new church plant in Edgeware Road, a suburb of London. The new plant has been ongoing for about 1 1/2 years and it  is in

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