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October was a very full month of travel to minister, train, preach amidst many consultation dialogues with pastors, leaders and people in the marketplace. After attending the TCA College’s Singapore annual graduation excercise as Chancellor, i packed my bags early the following day to the States. Starting off was the annual Project Rescue Charity Golf event held at beautiful Pebble Beach. The Project Rescue is a non-profit organization that  runs a comprehensive program to rescue and rehabilitate women but especially children from the prostitution trade in Southeast Asia and East Europe.

After California, i flew over to Cleveland, Tennessee to be with Apostle Judy Jacobs at the Sunday Commissioning service at Dwelling Place International. I also did a short training in the afternoon at their Leadership Forum. You can glean more information about commissioning of apostles from my book “Commissioning”. I then went to Lakewood in New Jersey to spend a week with Pastors Bryan and Antoinette Attinson from Christchurch. They hosted a 3 day conference “Transformation Summit”  to equip pastors and leaders about the 5-fold ministry. On the training team was Ong Sek Leang,  Becca Greenwood, Mark Pfeiffer and Les Bowling and myself – each of whom spoke in the capacity of their office of prophet, apostle, pastor, teacher or evangelist.

My next stop was in Florida, hosted by Apostle Shirley Arnold at Epic Church. I trained at their 3 day conference on Apostolic Breakthrough and Apostolic Strategies. There was also a special service to recognise and set in Pastors Myron and Loretta Harmon as prophets in their church. This was a critical week of continued training and consultation with other leaders from their network especially on the teaching of the 5fold ministry and its place in the local church.

I would encourage everyone to purchase my book on “Strength to Stand” that teaches on this area.



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