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Having worked successfully in the business world, I have labored very hard to initiate various platforms over the years where people can be trained and mentored in Christian business principle and strategies that will empower them to become great achievers in every segment of society and in the marketplace.  Global Business Network Ventures (GBNV) is one such platform, and I am excited to see it’s growing influence in the marketplace under the leadership of proven successsful men and women on its team.

GBNV will be hosting a very strategic event on 21-22 July next week – the Asian Marketplace Conference titled “Transformational Organizations: Secrets of the Believer’s Edge” with guest speaker, Lance Wallnau. Come and join me there – it will be a definite game changer for you in your business!

It is also a tremendous opportunity to be involved in a platform that will shape your business strategies and thinking for a succesful faith-filled future!


My books will be available at the upcoming conference

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