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In Chapter 1 of my book, Moving On and Moving Up in the Marketplace, I wrote these words to challenge my readers to embrace their divine assignment…” When you are able to define and articulate what your divine assignment for this season is, you will gain a SENSE OF PURPOSE AND CLARITY like never before. When you can bring an alignment between heaven (your giftings and callings God has placed in you) and earth (where you are and where you can function), you get into that assigned place from God.”

March was indeed a time of mentoring and challenging many to come into a greater alignment to their assigned purpose in life. I was in Adelaide again (my third year) mentoring at a Roundtable for Australian women leaders.  To see the confidence, giftings and clarity of purpose growing year on year in many of these leaders is truly satisfying. 

 Another key mentoring event for me in March was sharing and speakingTeaching at the Cell Church Conference at Trinity Christian Centre’s annual Cell Church Conference. We hosted close to 300 local and international delegates. The pastoral team from Trinity Christian Center as well as the invited guest speakers did a phenomenal job encouraging, inspiring and motivating participants to enlarge their vision  and believe for greater growth in their ministry and churches so as to be an even greater blessing to their communities.



 On a separate day, I spoke to those under my Global Covenant Network. This was a closed mentoring Roundtable session sharing and dialoguing on key leadership and current issues within their own ministries as well as nationally. Some participants from the GCN Roundtable


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