Growth – An Expression of God’s Love


These last months I have been very focused on the topic of Growth and Expansion. Here are a few nuggets from a sermon I just preached at Trinity Christian Centre with the Key verse from John 4:31-34.  Be Empowered as you read through. Factor 1 is Desire. Our Desire and Motivation must be like Christ.

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Sustaining your Winning Streak!


You have heard of the cliche “to run the race”…as Christians, it is not about coming in first, second or third or even last. NO! It is about RUNNING THE RACE WELL and  CROSSING THE FINISH LINE! The question to ask yourself is : How do I maintain my motivation week after week – under the tremendous pressure of a long

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Snippet on Leadership


  A Vision is vital to any organization. For a church, a Great Commission Vision is critical. You require a Sense of Purpose and Direction  – – but it takes Leadership Excellence to Implement the Vision Leaders today require the 3 S to Reproduce the next generation: Strength, Servant’s heart and Sustained Excellence!     

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The “How to” in building legacy.


March 2016 was a month of national reflection in Singapore as different institutions, groups, schools held various programs across the island to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the passing of Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The topic of legacy is something that is dear to the heart of God and mine.  Let me share

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Moving Forward in Honor


On the weekend of Apr 30-1 May,  and appropriately for Labor day, the Lord laid an exceptional message on my heart to speak on the topic of Moving Forward in Honor at the weekend service in Trinity Christian Centre, Singapore. In these days when individualism is more highly sought then the collective, it is important to look

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Moving Forward in Strength


Click here to listen to a special word I have for 2016 that will encourage you for the uncertainties in the year ahead. 2015 has been a wonderful year of ministry, both in Singapore and overseas. I am truly thankful to the individuals, leaders, churches and organizations that allowed me the opportunities to preach, minister, train,

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Enlarging our Capacity with a New Vision


Adapting some thoughts from my book, Moving on and Moving Up :From Succession to Significance, I want to encourage you to reflect back on this year and think about how you want to shape who you want to become this new year. . To break through into your new year, it is important to identify

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Casting Vision in the USA


October was a very full month of travel to minister, train, preach amidst many consultation dialogues with pastors, leaders and people in the marketplace. After attending the TCA College’s Singapore annual graduation excercise as Chancellor, i packed my bags early the following day to the States. Starting off was the annual Project Rescue Charity Golf

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Leadership Transition begins with Leadership Development


Where do leaders come from and where do we get them? Leadership development does not happen by accident! it requires a structure and an intentional process in your organisation to make it happen. Both churches and businesses functioning in today’s world must deal with increasingly complex issues. These are challenging times ahead…for us to see

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New Assignments – keeping pace through technology


In my book “Moving On and Moving Up’, I wrote about New Assignments. Choosing to stay in your comfort zone may mean that you never go to the next level in God. He will always be calling you onward and upward. God has also given you the gift of free will, the ability to decide

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