Home Blog Schedules and Updates: 2011 – Prepared for a New Positioning

As I have sought the Lord going forward into the New Year 2011,  I believe that what He has spoken to me will also be relevant for those whom He is preparing to bring to another level of fulfillment.

If the following agrees in your spirit, then let’ s together  – – Prepare for a New Positioning!

You have been in a time of preparation. For some of you, your preparation has been short and for some, your preparation has been longer. But up until NOW…God has had you in a time of preparation. God has been molding you, and shaping  you in order to prepare you for your next level. With the beginning of this year, God is saying – You are now ready for His new positioning. This year,  you will see your new position at a new level taking shape. Your position at your new level will entail greater responsibilities and greater accountability because of the enlarged scope in your new position.

There will be an unfolding or a birthing of new opportunities. However, God has prepared you for these new things where  He is positioning you.  Your new position will give you new opportunities but you will carry heavy responsibilities.

Do not be afraid to accept your new position with boldness and confidence in God’s authority. It is ordered of the Lord. It is from your new Position that you will begin to see God’s promises to you fulfilled!

I release all of God’s blessings upon you for the New Year!

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